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Customers Opinion

  • "Joanna rocks! She makes it fun and exciting to get into good eating habits. Now my only problem is what to do with all this extra energy!"
    - Cameron Wilson
  • "Very professional and thorough service! Very pleased with all the help and advice I am getting from Joanna. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to improve their wellbeing!" - Galina Sarbeva
  • "The programme that Joanna provided me with works excellent, I lost 6kg within just over 2 months. I especially like that I’m following a healthy diet but I don’t feel hungry anymore." - Bartek Dutkowski
  • "My dietitian has helped me become more active and feel much healthier. If you need any support or info ask the fantastic Joanna Kosmicka." - Andrew Fitchett
  • "Joanna has helped me to put on weight, when everything else, I have tried before, did fail. Now I am confident I am eating the right things and I am not spending money on junk food when I am hungry between lectures or need a quick fix before my dance practice." - Eleftheria Charalambous
  • "I have started on Herbalife products as I was looking for a solution to provide my body with all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, focused and full of energy. Shakes are quick and tasty, keep me satisfied and concentrated when I spend a whole day working in the lab. Joanna has been very knowledgeable source of information, patiently and passionately answering all of my questions."  - Kamil Witkowski
  • "I knew a part of healthy lifestyle is being active, and I have always enjoyed my gym sessions and football matches, but I didn’t know how to look after my diet. It has been difficult for me to find a balanced way to put on weight without feeling tired from fatty and sugary foods. Joanna provided me with a solution for gaining lean muscle mass and feeling great." - Tony Omondi
  • "The fact that I had been working with Joanna and she was talking about adequate nutrition in every spare moment has inspired me to change the way I eat. With her help and Herbalife products I have lost that extra weight and kept it off since. I feel I can perform to my full potential on everyday basis."
    - Marcin Zacharz
  • “Although I was sceptical at the beginning as nothing seemed to work, I am so glad I have given Joanna's programme a go. I have put on 4kg in a healthy way, have energy to exercise and my perfect weight is maintained. I am very pleased with my results and I am happily referring my friends to Joanna.” - Szymon Lach

Today Enhance Tomorrow

Our everyday eating habits and lifestyle choices influence our health, energy levels and wellbeing!

A balanced diet is essential for providing our bodies with the nutrients required to make them function properly. Regrettably, in today’s busy, modern pace of life we often make rushed and unhealthy food and drink choices, in result missing out on necessary elements. Due to the way our food is stored, cooked and processed or simply because we do not eat enough nutritious foods, such as fruits, vegetables and wholegrains, we lose and have short supply of essential vitamins and minerals.

Furthermore, nowadays food is grown in polluted environment, poor soil, using artificial pesticides and fertilizers, picked before ripeness, shipped long distances, and treated with growth hormones, so thus when it finally arrives on our plates is no longer rich in good nutrition, as it used to be 25 years ago. Becoming nutrient deficient leads us straight to developing an illness. Therefore regular healthy eating and supplementation has become necessary if you want to feel good, look great and live life to your full potential!


Registered Dietitian (RD)

Choosing the right person to seek help and advice from can be a hard and confusing task.

Unfortunately, many people claim to be experts in nutrition yet have very limited knowledge and offer no responsibility or safety with their services. This is because the level of qualifications and training vary widely between different practitioners.

Diet expert? Nutrition therapist? Nutritionist?

Registered Dietitians (RD) are the only statutorily regulated nutrition professionals that hold a 'protected title' regulated by law after obtaining a legally-recognized graduate qualification in nutrition and dietetics.

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Why? How? Who?

Food, Nutrition and Dietetics is an increasingly influential and important field. From fuelling our growth to helping prevent disease, food - and what we choose to eat - has a big impact on our lives.

A dietitian uses the science of nutrition to devise eating plans for clients in order to lead a healthy lifestyle, treat medical conditions or achieve a specific health-related goal. They promote good health by helping to facilitate a positive change in food choices.

Don’t settle for less… Follow the best!

Registered Dietitians (RD) are dietitians who meet academic and professional requirements, including earning at least a bachelor's degree, and fulfilling a specially-designed, accredited nutrition curriculum and completing a supervised program of practice at a health care facility.

Dietitians spread awareness of key food and nutrition messages, offer credible, sound, evidence-based advice and help you achieve amazing success.

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