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We believe in sharing one common goal: improving health, fitness & wellbeing with nutrition.

Whether you need to lose weight, are newly diagnosed with diabetes, want to feed your family better, or are struggling with an eating disorder, we can help.

Diet Secrets is a thriving private practice that advocates healthy relationship with food, encourages following changes in psychology of eating:

  • Stop dieting and start eating for health and happiness
  • Stop feeling guilty about what you eat
  • Eat what you want in moderation
  • Stop using food to stuff your feelings
  • Actually like exercise
  • Eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full
  • Feel good about your body
  • Think like a responsible eater
  • Change your eating behaviors
  • Say good-bye to strict diets forever

Offering much more than just Monday-Sunday diet sheet…

We continually keep updated in the field and the latest methods in nutrition counseling. We use motivational interviewing, behavior modification, and intrinsic coaching to assist our clients in making meaningful and sustainable changes. We take a holistic approach to nutritional care – we review medications, supplements, current dietary intake, past diet and medical history, lab results, favorite foods, eating and exercise habits, then help individuals set their goals and agree on strategy. Follow-up visits often focus on maintenance and monitoring progress.

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